Wakaba Mutheki

b. 1973

“Having lived in a shelter in Johannesburg, surviving from the sale of empty Coke bottles, I experienced and learned to understand poverty and the harsher side of life. These experiences have taught me to treasure life and have inspired me to recreate this love of life through the medium of art.”

Wakaba Mutheki was born in Kenya, and lived on the streets of Johannesburg, selling empty cool-drink cans to feed himself before being discovered as an artist. With no formal art training, he has become an art sensation with South African and International art collectors alike.

Mutheki creates modern contemporary and ultra-realistic works of art. He works in various mediums including oil, acrylic and mixed media.

Wakaba was one of 39 top artists from around the world that were chosen to take part in the recent collaboration between them and Mr Nelson Mandela.

His works have been likened to those of Van Gough, and he has built up a strong local and international following. He has hosted sell out shows in New York and Philadelphia, and has also travelled and exhibited extensively both in Africa and abroad.

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