Pieter Van Tonder

b. 1980

“I am inspired by the fascinating times we live in. I live, I experience, I feel, reflect and process and through the paintings give something back for others to enjoy, learn from or treasure.”

The surrealist painter Pieter Van Tonder creates fascinating, realistic landscapes from imagination, which serves as the stage for the drama in the foreground.

For his subject material, he draws partly from dream revelations or meditative reflection, but mostly from conscious ideas that result from interacting with the world around him. He uses various to create the illusion that the front layer of the painting crumbles, peels, or is blown away to reveal the layer beyond, and using this device he brings a second narrative into his paintings.

Pieter’s works are unique, standing out amongst other South African artists. Working as a professional artist for a number of years, he has managed to develop his own voice and style which sets him apart.

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