Norman Catherine

b. 1949

“I approach my work in a lot of different ways, from normal flat paintings to three-dimensional works or a combination of the two.”

Norman Catherine is one of the most distinctive and well-known artists in South Africa.

He is famous for his paintings, sculpture, printmaking and mixed media. His works portray rough-edged comical and nightmarish forms, rendered in bright cartoon colours.

His sense of humour is evident in his works, which often have a cynical undertone. At times, his work can be viciously satirical. Despite using a wide range of media to create his different pieces, all of Norman’s works maintain a unique character. His distinct use of intense colours and wild patterns, and his weird and wonderful forms make his work easily recognisable.

He is a well-established top South African contemporary artist and his work has been displayed around the world, featuring in top art galleries including MOMA.

His work is owned by every self-respecting collection of contemporary South African art, a host of corporates, and numerous international collections.

He lives and works from his home, named Fook Manor, near the Hartbeespoort Dam outside of Pretoria.

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