Deon Theron

b. 1966

From a very early age, Deon had a natural desire to draw and paint, and he has spent years nurturing and developing his talents.

Using a variety of techniques, and strong use of colour, Deon successfully mixes realism and impressionism.

Deon obtained both a B.Mus. and Honours degrees in Performing Arts at the University of Pretoria, and performed as a concert pianist before beginning work as an artist. Although Deon initially began painting in watercolours, he has grown into using acrylics to creating his visual poetry.

He is driven by a passion for creating great art.

His gentle, impressionist images in which caressing colours blend into shimmering, glimmering paintings emanating a flowing atmosphere, He achieves this effect with ultra-soft edges: seamless transitions from one subject to the next. And even though a flower might flow into a flamingo with the casual effortlessness of a seasoned flamenco dancer’s moves, Deon sustains both clarity and drama in all of his artwork – power, balanced with grace.

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