Daniel Novela

B. 1964

“While I am all African, my style is not typically African. I gravitate towards Impressionism”

Daniel was born in Louis Trichardt and spent much of his childhood in Southern Mozambique. He overcame many hardships, emerging as one of South Africa’s most exciting artistic talents.

His sophisticated paintings radiate light and show off the beauty of South Africa’s rural landscapes. Influenced by artists like John Constable, Trevor Chamberlain and Richard Schmid, his unique impressionistic style sets his art apart.

Daniel lived a life of poverty until his artistic talent was recognised by Les and Sylvia Lategaan, who became patrons and sent Daniel to University to study art.

Daniel has developed a powerful range of techniques, painting works of art that reflect a real sense of Africa. He has participated in a number of exhibitions in South Africa as well as the US, Germany, Switzerland and Britain. He has also participated in community arts projects and teaches art to others. Daniel’s work is highly regarded internationally and makes an excellent investment.

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